The Lake Collection Candles

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Sweet & indulgent:

Bellaria -  (Dessert):  Partake in a sweet blend, opening with cherry, followed by a dose of vanilla and some coconut, and finish with a touch of lemon.  This presentation reminds us of our nights finished off with something sweet from our local ice cream shop.

Lacus - (Lake): Wade through an opening of cedar wood and amber, pass a bit of bergamot, and arrive at ripples of coconut and lime. This presentation reminds us of sunlit days, full of activities on the local lake.

Combibo - (Imbibe): Take in pineapple to start, enjoy some grapefruit along the way to bits of lemon, and top off with a hint of jasmine.  This presentation reminds us of hosting get togethers with summer foods and crafted drinks.


11 ounce glass, lidded jars with a burn time exceeding 60 hours.