Catskills Curated, Where Every Purchase Tells a Story

At Catskills Curated, we celebrate the rich talent of artisans throughout the Upper Delaware Region, extending from the captivating Catskills and beyond. 

Our handpicked collection reflects our commitment to offering exceptional products that not only make incredible gifts but also empower our customers to make a positive impact through their purchases.

When you choose Catskills Curated, you are not merely shopping. You are supporting local artisans and small businesses, bypassing the impersonal grip of conglomerates and big box stores. 

By narrowing the distance between yourself and the origin of the products you use daily, you cultivate a profound connection to the craftsmanship behind each item.

Whether you explore our offerings online or immerse yourself in our in-person shopping experience, Catskills Curated invites you to become a conscious consumer, to embrace the awareness of your purchase's impact, and to forge connections with the talented hands that bring these products to life.


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Get To Know Catskills Curated

Shopping our showcase of locally sourced, handmade products from small businesses and Catskills region makers is a dream realized and a daily passion for our entire team. 

We love that you want to shop small rather than buy mass-produced items from faceless corporations. We love that you place a high value on where your products come from, not how fast they’re made. We love that you care about the artisans and makers behind the products.

In fact, the idea for Catskills Curated all began with inspiration from the artisans, creatives, artists, and craftsmen who call our area home. Seeing their products at craft fairs and farmers' markets inspired us to give them an opportunity to showcase and sell their products more consistently and with greater ease.

And that’s exactly what we do at Catskills Curated.

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Prepare for an extraordinary experience as you step into the world of Catskills Curated, nestled within the heart of The Narrowsburg Union. 

We eagerly await your arrival and promise a captivating shopping adventure unlike any other.

Immerse yourself in our carefully curated selection of handcrafted treasures thoughtfully sourced from artisans across the Upper Delaware Region. 

To ensure your visit is nothing short of remarkable, we invite you to explore our comprehensive Visit Us page below. 

Discover invaluable insights on what awaits you, including store highlights, exclusive offerings, and practical information to make your journey to Catskills Curated seamless and memorable.

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Treasures from the Catskills & Beyond

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