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Squeeze Your Honey

Squeeze Your Honey

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Squeeze Your Honey comes in a tube to let you feel the flow and control the amount of sweetness you add to your beverage, food, or recipe. To keep the honeybees safe from pathogens, we don't use any chemicals or medicines in our hives - but we do monitor them diligently to make sure their life cycle favors only those colonies that exhibit resistance to diseases. 

The extraction process for removing the honey from the honeycomb uses centrifugal force and the liquid honey often contains tiny fragments of beeswax which rise to the surface when poured into jars. Beeswax dissolves in hot water and is not harmful to ingest.

Honey contains antimicrobial material which keeps it from degrading over time.  There's no "best by" date on this package because the honey will taste just as delicious and suffer no deterioration over time.  If the honey crystallizes, just put the tube into warm water for an hour, and it will liquify again. Some honey harvests are prone to crystallizing, and some are not.

Comes in Two Sizes:

Medium: 2.8 oz, approximately 1/4 Cup

Large: 6.4 oz., approximately 1/2 Cup

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