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Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes

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Seasonal Subscription Boxes are a great way to connect with the Catskills and beyond all year long!

Our boxes are thoughtfully curated with the products of artists, artisans, makers, and craftsmen living and working alongside us here in the Catskills region.

We meet with all of them, learn their story, and witness their passion for what they do.

It's humbling, we can tell you that much. 

Sign up today to receive or give a quarterly seasonal box for March, June, September, and December.

We will carefully curate the mix of boxes, between food and non-food, and the mix of products within the boxes.

We love showcasing these unique products and have lots of fun assembling the boxes! The hardest part is not picking EVERYTHING!

Food boxes may include jam, honey, maple syrup, dressing, marinade, mustard, hot sauce, candy, roasted nuts, coffee, and tea.

Non-Food boxes may include wooden bowls, skin care products, magnets, books, knits, linens, soap, kitchen implements, and candles. 

All our makers are small-batch producers, so we need to provide them with reliable production requests for each quarter's box.

  • Try it for one season or sign up for the year.
  • Yearly subscriptions will be charged every 3 months until you cancel.

Enjoy your purchase. And, thank you for your business.

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