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Moka Origins

Moka Origins Coffees

Moka Origins Coffees

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Moka Origins Coffees

Moka Origins House Blend  -  Signature Medium Roast. Medium Body with Notes of Sweet Cocoa and Toasted Nuts.  Single Origin - Direct Trade - Small Batch  Carefully crafted for everyday drinking, this coffee brews a satisfying cup time and time again. The medium roast brings out soft notes of cocoa, subtle spice and mild nuttiness. Whether you’re sipping alone or sharing with friends, this blend will keep you smiling all day long.

Mexico Oaxaca:  Medium Body with Balanced Notes of Chocolate, Caramel and key-Lime.  Single Origin - Direct Trade - Small Batch.  USDA Organic.  The Oaxaca region is best known for its mountainous terrain which produces some of the most sought after coffees in all of Mexico.  In this region, farms are incredibly small and are often the only livelihood for these families. This coffee was grown at the height of 5,000 feet by a group of 1,200 producers known as Sochiapam in the Sierra Madres Occidental mountain range. We experience flavor notes of chocolate, caramel and key-lime.

Uganda Bukonzo:  Moka Origins Uganda Bukonzo Organic Co-Op.  Medium Body with Raspberry Notes, and a Clean Chocolate Finish.  Single Origin - Direct Trade - Small Batch.  USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified.  On the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains, the Bukonzo Organic Coop - comprised of 1,200 farmers - is among the first in its region to earn Fair Trade and Organic certifications. We’re honored to share this unique Ugandan coffee.

Cameroon: Medium Roast Coffee. Single Origin, Boyo Cooperative, ethically sourced beans. Full Body with notes of lemon and caramel, from the Arabica tree. Certified Kosher.

Our Story:

Every bar of chocolate and bag of coffee creates jobs, plants trees, and helps communities grow. Whether grown on our own farm in Cameroon or ethically sourced from our partners around the world, we select only the best beans. Empowerment comes in many forms — our just happens to be delicious!

12 oz. Reclosable Bag

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