Meadow Collection Candles

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Crisp & Airy:

Ortus (Seed) - Enjoy top notes of citrus and cilantro, with mild notes of crushed arugula on a base of clove and cinnamon. This presentation reminds us of heading outdoors, taking in the scents of our freshly planted garden.

Pluvia (Rain) - Enjoy a clean, refreshing blend of bergamot, followed by soft floral notes of jasmine, with long-lasting notes of spearmint and juniper berries.  This presentation reminds us of spring showers and the dw that blankets our yard.

Flos (Blossom) - Enjoy a delicate bouquet of rose and lavender, supported by mid notes of palma rose and warming notes of vanilla.  This presentation reminds us of spring -- the blooming flowers amidst the nature of the forest.


11 ounce glass, lidded jars with a burn time exceeding 60 hours.