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Heather A. Houskeeper

Love and the Long Path

Love and the Long Path

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Heather A. Houskeeper - The Botanical Hiker

Get inspired to get out there and take the path less traveled!

Love and the Long Path is a love story between two humans the the natural world.

Heather and Scott set out in search of wilderness and adventure, carrying on their backs only the essentials. Their route - The Long Path -  a little known 358 mile trail that stretches from New York City to John Boyd Thacher State Park on the edge of the Adirondacks. Heather is an experienced long distance hiker, herbalist and forager.  Scott, 15 years her senior, is a rock star turned wanderer.  Together they share a dep reverence for nature and a blossoming love for each other.  They know not how they will fare as they traverse the winding trail along the cliff of the Palisades and the sun drenched ridges of the Shawangunk Mountains, and up arduous ascents through the Catskill High Peaks. Among their challenges:  ever fluctuating weather, curious wildlife, injury, and learning to work together as a team.  Tiny towns offer respite, wild plants provide both food and medicine and the beauty of nature abounds.

Ignite your passion for exploration on a trail less traveled and discover a path to wander that requires nothing more than your own two feet.  Lace up your hiking shoes, the Long Path awaits!

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