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Forkin' Good Nuts

Black Truffle Almonds

Black Truffle Almonds

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Forkin' Good Nuts Black Truffle Almonds – the ultimate truffle experience! Their almonds are infused with Sabatino tartufi truffle zest, truffle juice, and truffle salt, creating a uniquely delicious and earthy flavor. Perfect for charcuterie boards, salads, or as an indulgent gift. Originally crafted for a Catskill Mountains luxury hotel chain, they are now available for you to savor! Elevate your snacking with the rich, earthy goodness of black truffle.

Ingredients: Almonds, sugar, black truffle zest, truffle juice, truffle salt, nutritional yeast, mushroom powder, lemon juice, spices, vanilla extract, vinegar.

8 oz. glass jar.

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