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Heather A. Houskeeper

A Guide to the Edible Plants on the Finger Lake Trail

A Guide to the Edible Plants on the Finger Lake Trail

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Heather A. Houskeeper - Finger Lakes Trail Thru-Hiker 2015

A Guide to the Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Finger Lakes Trail is a hiker's practical guide to the plants found along the FLT and throughout New York State.

A rare find and a handy companion for your next hike.

Your trusted companion while hiking or at home. Heather Houskeeper may be the only author on foraging who is a devoted hiker writing for other hikers. She expertly describes the most common useful plants encountered on the Finger Lakes Trail, and she leave no stone untouched in her detailed accounts, including identification and uses.  The recipes are simple, quick, and wholesome.  The plant descriptions are clearly written by an expert forager and herbalist and include medical cautions as well as details on possible look-alikes.

To walk any distance on the nearly 1,000 mile Finger Lakes Trail is an immersion not only into remote wilderness but into understanding how wilderness and civilization mutually shape each other.  Along some sections, you do not cross a road for over 30 miles and hear only the crunching leaves beneath your feet, the hooting of owls, or the pounding of rain on a lean-tp by night.  Elsewhere one walks through fields freshly sown and woods recently logged, along greenways and small town streets.  Yet with every step the hiker may further discover how we are really one and the same with our natural world.

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