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Mermer Blakeslee

A Conversation with Fear

A Conversation with Fear

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Curl up on your favorite chair on the patio in summer or by the fire in winter and immerse yourself in a book by one of our local authors, Mermer Blakeslee.

A Conversation With Fear:

"By regarding fear as a pathology to control or cure, we assume that life without its presence is possible, normal, or even desirable.  But once we accept fear as a habitual acquaintance in an imaginative, meaningful life, we can begin to cultivate a conversation with it rather than engage it in a fight." 

Mermer Blakeslee is the author of the acclaimed novels Some Blood, In Dark Water and When You Live By A River.  As an examiner for the Professional Ski Instructors of America and a former member of its elite National Demonstration Team, she trains teachers across the country, specializing in fear, innovation and learning.  At Windham Mountain, she created and runs The Fear Workshop and an intensive season-long program called PowerLearn (TM).  She lives in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York.

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