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2 Queens Honey, Coffee & Tea

2 Queens Coffees

2 Queens Coffees

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Jazz Hands:  Our signature Jazz Hands blends 5 of the best coffee beans into an intoxicating and silky smooth flavor that packs a caffeine punch. The full city roast gives this coffee a balanced full body taste with low acidity. It’s also stunning when brewed for cold brew. All our coffees are micro-roasted to order to guarantee quality and freshness. 
Favor Notes: Earthy, Chocolate, Dried Fruit

Brazil Santos:  Medium roast with pleasant nutty notes, a smooth finish and balanced acidity.  This coffee makes a wonderfully easy, satisfying cup, definitely a crowd pleaser! Low acidity.  Medium Roast. Single origin. Best for Drip, Pour Over, French Press. Flavor Notes:  Nuts, Mildly Sweet, Chocolate.  

Eager Beaver:  Combines the best Central and South American beans. The French roast brings out a rich smokey flavor combined with a medium roast blend that's full bodied with a moderate acidity. 
Favor Notes: Smokey, Dark Chocolate.  

Easy Breezy: If you feel like Mercury is in perpetual retrograde then this coffee is for you! With wonderful notes of caramel and toasted almonds this medium bodied blend can help lead you to better times. Cream, non-dairy milk and a little honey make this coffee extra delicious. Moderate acidity, medium roast, South America origin. Best for Drip, Pour Over, French Press.
Flavor Notes: Caramel, Toasted Almonds.  

Daredevil:  Smooth and smokey notes make this blend deliciously dangerous! 
Favor Notes: Smooth, Smokey. 

Whole Bean Coffee, 12 oz. Bag

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