Something Sweet

Something Sweet

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 This gift includes a hand made jar with lid and a jar of honey for that special someone.

1- One-of-a-kind Jar 

Nonneta's Keramika

Handmade ceramic jar with lid in a deep maroon color. The Maker herself created this jar specific to our store! Originally from Russia, she moved to the USA and started working with ceramics in 2006 and never stopped! It is a pleasure to have her one-of-a-kind jars in our little shop in the Catskills.

1- Honey

2 Queen Honey, Coffee & Tea

Jar of pure honey, harvested from the beehives of a local artist-beekeeper, who turned to beekeeping when he wanted to add some danger to his life! Delicious in tea and in cooking and baking. 12 oz.

We reserve the right to substitute the vendor and/or product included in this gift box.