Raspberries & Thai Chili Syrup 8 oz

Raspberries & Thai Chili Syrup 8 oz

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You love spicy, but you also love sweet - oh, and raspberries! Your dreams have come true: with our spicy raspberries + Thai chili pepper syrup all your sweet and spicy fantasies can come to fruition. Simply substitute this syrup for any simple syrup a recipe calls for (think: spicy raspberries margaritas!!) and voila, perfection in a glass. Our ripe, sweet raspberries are steeped together with our homegrown chili peppers to create the most delightful combo. It’s been a customer-fave since day one!

  • only 8g sugar and 30 calories per serving!

  • 80% less sugar + calories compared to regular soda

  • vegan * naturally gluten-free * non-gmo * 100% natural

enjoy a guilt-free, low-calorie, and healthier craft soda and elevate any cocktail by simply adding maya’s syrup. super fast, easy, and delicious!

perfect for your soda stream and as cocktail mixer

we never use artificial ingredients, ever!

* no high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup or corn sugar
* no artificial flavors or colors
* no preservatives

ingredients: raspberries, water, homegrown Thai chili peppers, pure cane sugar, organic lemon juice. please refrigerate after opening